The Blizzard of 1962

Posted - December 30, 2002                          Part 1

This picture was taken from the Newport Road, just back around the corner from Main Street. In the distance on the right you can see the statue in Winchester Park and the legs of the water tower. The tan building is now the former insurance building. It was an apartment house then. The green and white trailer is the branch office of the Newport Trust Company Bank.



This picture was taken on Main Street, from the mill side, facing the stores in the Block Building. The roads were only plowed for one lane of traffic at this point after the storm.


Here we are looking west on Main Street from about the location of the railroad crossing. The mill office is just to the right of the camera. I think the drifted snow was about three feet deep here.



This is a view from the alley behind the Block Building. The building in the distance is the Inn on the Stetson Road. The railing on the left comes down a set of steps from an apartment on the back side of the Block. The railroad track runs across the picture between the camera and the Inn building.

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