Corinna Union Academy

1852 - 1968

June 1, 2001


Corinna Union Academy in 1889

In 1851, seventy citizens of Corinna formed an association to establish Corinna Union Academy and erect the building shown above. The academy charter was issued by the State legislature in 1852. In a course catalog printed in 1858 the building was described. "The Academy contains two school rooms, each thirty-two feet square, a philosophical recitation room, and a drawing room..." In that year, 51 boys and 59 girls were students at the school.


In 1931, eighty years after establishment, the building was expanded with the addition of two wings including 4 classrooms. This architectural drawing is from the pamphlet published at that time. 

The entrance was changed to face Pleasant Street and the four column pediment portico was added to the front.

In 1968 Corinna Union Academy closed as a high school, replaced by Nokomis Regional High, SAD 48. At the time it became Corinna Junior High. The pictures below were taken inside the building just before it closed as a junior high school in 1998.




Corinna Union Academy Museum

Does anyone recognize this seal?


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